Lake Brantley Youth Football Association

Established in 1985, the Lake Brantley Youth Football Association (LBYFA) offers Pop Warner football and cheerleading to the Lake Brantley area students ages 5-14. There are 6 levels that kids participate in, Tiny Mites through Varsity.

Announcement: Have fun and be a part of an awesome 2020 football & cheer season. Registration for 2020 has started and will first be open to returning players.

Mission & Values

The Lake Brantley Youth Football Association expects all football players to conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity and sportsmanship. We recognize that the large majority of our football players, parents, and family members will be committed to the football program and organization as a whole. It is our hope that all members have a positive experience while participating in the Lake Brantley Youth Football Association programs.

The ultimate goal of the Lake Brantley Youth Football Association is to provide our children with a safe environment where they can develop new skills, learn teamwork and sportsmanship, make friends, and have fun. Nonetheless, as with any large organization, it is important to clearly set forth expectations and consequences so as to minimize misinterpretations should issues arise.

Philosophy & Style of Play

Since 1929, the Pop Warner Football program’s philosophy has been: Academics and athletics go hand-in-hand. At every level, Pop Warner football seeks to develop well-rounded young men and women who learn not only the fundamentals of football or cheerleading, but also the importance of education in an atmosphere conducive to developing sound mind, body and character – and having a good time along the way!

In an effort to provide a safe, enjoyable and positive football experience for all those involved, it is important to establish a set of guidelines to ensure the full cooperation of all team members at all times. Working within an established set of guidelines and regulations not only provides the football players with a framework of acceptable behavior, but also serves to assist in building and implementing the program.

Guidelines & Regulations

LBYFA belongs to the Mid Florida Conference. As such, we follow their rules and guidelines. One of the areas they govern deals with the boundaries of each association. In general, if a student is zoned to attend the Lake Brantley High School, then they will be zoned to play for Lake Brantley Pop Warner; however, the boundaries do extend into some area where students may attend Lyman, so please contact us for eligibility information.

Lake Brantley is one of 36 associations in the Mid Florida Conference. During the football season we play our home games at Tom Storey Field, the Lake Brantley High School stadium. Our travel requirements vary depending upon the schedule. Cheerleading competition commences after the regular season of football with the first event being the Mid Florida Championship. Full schedule details will be posted as these become available.

Social Responsibility

Lake Brantley Pop Warner is a 100% volunteer run organization. Everyone involved including the board, coaches, team parents, and all others give freely of their time and they do not receive any compensation or special consideration for their efforts. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the organization and we are always looking for people to lend a hand. If you are interested in helping, please contact us today.

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