Lake Brantley Youth Football Association believes that success in the classroom leads to success in life. Organized youth sports provide children with a sense of responsibility and appreciation for academics. Pop Warner Little Scholars (PWLS) is the only nationally organized youth sports program that requires all student athletes to demonstrate academic proficiency before being allowed to play.


All LBYFA participants are required to show proof of satisfactory progress in school. A 2.0 or 70% is the minimum GPA required to play. Any participant not meeting the mandatory GPA may be placed on academic probation and must complete and adhere to the conditions as outlined in the Scholastic Eligibility Form (SEF) provided by the scholastic’s coordinator. Any participant that is participating under the SEF will be required to submit bi-weekly progress reports.

Pop Warner All-American Scholar Program

Each year Pop Warner recognizes the academic accomplishments of its participants through scholastic banquets held at the District, Regional, and National level. All participants in grades five thru eight compete for Academic All-American status. Eligibility requirements for three levels are as follows:

  • Mid-Florida 98% or higher GPA and community service hours
  • Southeast 98% or higher GPA and community service hours
  • National 96% or higher GPA and community service hours

In addition, Scholastics is more than just straight A’s, it is about the well-rounded student athlete. It is also about volunteer community service hours to teach our young scholars the importance of civic involvement. LBYFA also provides opportunities to earn service hours and also encourages each participant to earn their hour’s independent of LBYFA. Parents are responsible for tracking all community service hours.  Community service hours can include the following:

  • Music or any lessons taken outside of school
  • All school activities that are not sports-related such as: morning news, chorus, drama, student council, safety patrol, BETA, Leadership, peer mentoring, etc.
  • Church activities/religious education classes
  • School honors – honor roll, FCAT scores, advanced classes, citizenship awards, gifted & talented, participation in special programs
  • Recognition by any community/educational organization

The scholastic coordinator for LBYFA will contact all eligible participants and provide them with the required forms for submission for consideration for Academic All-American status. Please note that completion and submission of forms does not guarantee that a participant will be selected as an Academic All-American.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to submit copies of my child’s final report card?

Yes, all LBYFA participants must submit proof of enrollment and satisfactory academic progress per National Pop Warner rules.

  • What if I cannot find the report card and I don’t submit it to LBYFA?

Failure to submit proof of academic progress will result in your child not being allowed to participate until a report card is submitted.

  • My child does not have a 2.0 or 70% GPA. Can he/she still play?

Each situation is unique and will be reviewed by the scholastic coordinator. A Scholastic Eligibility Form will be required for participation and bi-weekly progress will have to be submitted in order to continue to play.

  • What if my child is not able to bring up his/her grades as required?

If your child fails to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress, your child will not be permitted to continue to play.

  • Where do I get an application for Academic All-American?

The scholastic coordinator will contact you directly if your child is eligible.

  • My child had straight A’s, why weren’t they eligible for Academic All-American?

Eligibility is determined by a computer program based on all three marking (elementary) or four marking (middle school) periods of a report card.  It is possible that your child could receive all A’s on their final report card, but have a GPA that is lower than the minimum requirement to be eligible.  This typically happens when a B is earned in one or more marking periods.

  • Who chooses the Academic All-Americans?

Academic All-Americans are not chosen by LBYFA, they are selected by Mid-Florida, Southeast, and Nationals.

  • My child was not chosen to attend the Mid-Florida banquet.
    Who can I call?

Selection is based on a variety of factors, including a minimum GPA of 98% or higher and community service.  It is possible that your child could meet the requirements for eligibility and not be selected to attend based on the number of spots available and the number of applications submitted out of all participating Pop Warner Associations.  Only 35 boys and 35 girls are chosen to represent the Mid-Florida and all of its associations.  All selections are made by Mid-Florida and are final.

  • My child was chosen to attend the Mid-Florida banquet but not the Southeast.  How is that possible? 

The Southeast Region includes participants from across Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Selection is based on a minimum GPA of 98% and community service. Only 35 boys and 35 girls are chosen to represent the Southeast and all of its associations. Competition for these spots is high.

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